The Olympic Journey

Welcome to the Road to London 2012.

The Road to London 2012 is Chris’s journey to the London 2012 Olympic Games.  And your chance to get involved with behind the scenes action  and commentary on what it takes and means to be part of an Olympic campaign.

The world’s focus has now shifted to London 2012 and of course, expectations are high.  And so are ours.

For us, it’s much more than simply a chance to reach the pinnacle of a sport in which Team GB are already dominant.  It’s much more than the pride, that satisfaction or the prestige of a Gold Medal.

It’s about the journey, it’s about scaling new heights, pushing the boundaries of what has been accomplished and achieving more.

We’re not about to settle for anything less than 100% and will not be satisfied until we’ve truly fulfilled what we’ve set out to achieve.

For some, 3 weeks every four years marks a period of reflection.  A chance to marvel at amazing athletic feats.  To wonder at those who jump higher, run faster and achieve more than anyone ever thought possible.  For the satisfaction, for the glory, or simply because they can.  It’s an opportunity to revel in national pride, to support your favorite and enjoy the cultural and sporting spectacle that is the Olympic Games.

For others, it’s the beginning and end of a journey.  The culmination of years of training, devotion and commitment.  All in the pursuit of a dream.

It’s all that matters.

Our Road to 2012 started long ago; with a vision, a dream and an ambition.  It’s taken years of dedication, hard work and unwavering preparation – on the water, in the gym and on the road.  All for 17 days when Chris can show the world, “I’m ready, it’s my time”.

We weren’t part of Great Britain’s most succesful Olympic Games ever, who sailed to an unexpected Gold in Beijing, who defied the odds and draped themselves in the Union Jack and glory.  But it will be.

We will win a Gold Medal at London 2012.  Our journey to Weymouth is far from over.  Are you ready to be a part of it?

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