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  Name:  Chris Russell

  Age:  27

  Lives:  Basingstoke, Hampshire

Trains:  Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA)

Goal:  Olympic Gold London 2012

Sailing Career:  I began sailing when i was 5 years old.  It’s a misnomer, that sailing is an elitist sport, anyone can have a go – simply get yourself down to your local club and off you go.  Although supportive parents are essential when you begin to hit the circuit.  I dread to think of the number of hours my folks spent driving me around Europe for competitions!

I rapidly progressed to a national and then on to an international level at a youth level with the Welsh Sailing Team and Team GB across the Optimist, 420 and Laser Radial classes.  I continued my developement into the Olympic Laser Class.

A typical day…begins at around 6am with a warm-up and some light circuit work, followed by a quick breakfast, shower and prep for the day ahead.  I’ve got roughly a 1.5hr commute to Weymouth everyday – it’s long but gives me a chance to catch-up on a bit of theory, planning or fire out a few emails.  I hit the water for around 9.30am each day and train for anywhere between 2 and 5hrs.  Lunch is normally grabbed on the go amidst an hour’s recovery session before either an afternoon on the water or some other aerobic based training e.g. Bike/Ergo.  I try to sitdown for at least 45mins to eat…it’s critical that i load my body with the correct balance of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.  Upon finishing the afternoon session, there’s a short recovery break before hitting the gym for a weights session and a well deserved massage.  I get home at around 9pm but refuelling begins long before.  Dinner is usually a large bowl of pasta, chicken or fish and a couple of cups of tea before bed.  I hit the sack at around 11pm and try to grab at least 8hrs sleep.  Set to get up and do it all over again…

Follow Chris on Twitter for a more indepth view of his daily training and racing schedules:  @chrismrussell

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